You Can Find Hope Again

There are plenty of things in the world stealing your hope right now, but the celebration of Easter reminds us that all hope is not lost! The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus impact how we see life and navigate our daily challenges. We hope you will join in and be a part of our special service on Sunday, April 4th at 10:00 am.

Easter Service

Join us for Easter at 10:00am on April 4th.

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*Easter service will be available on demand

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Things Jesus Never Said

Jesus gets blamed for a lot of things he never said. He never said life would be easy or fair or even just. Believing he did say these things and more has changed how a lot of people think about him and even people’s willingness to be in relationship with him. This series will take a look at five popularly misquoted things Jesus didn’t say and help us discern what he actually taught.

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